Tools to Cultivate the Promised Land



Tools to Cultivate the Promised Land: Working Wisdom From My Grandparent’s Garden

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“We as a people will get to the Promised Land.”  In this banner season of African American history, Deborah L. Parker takes remembrances from of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination and the dreams of a community and metaphorically connects them to recollections of her maternal grandparents’ garden.  Referring to these grandparents as ‘two of the wisest people she has ever known.’ while using their tool shed as a base, Deborah lays out the principles of sowing and harvesting for readers to cultivate their goals in various aspects of their lives. She also brings in cultural narratives meshed with Biblical references to the Promised Land as she shares the engineering of her personal Exodus to further bring readers in to the importance of recognizing the foundation of past lessons to future progress.

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This book is a great read.  it’s filled with ageless knowledge and wisdom for all on the journey of life.  This book holds great accomplishments and nuggets of information and wisdom more precious than gold.  It’s a great tool for the journey.


My First eBook Book Project – On Kindle   Life is a Review: Observations and Collections of My Passages through The Times


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Passages, Transitions, Life Stages. Is it important to periodically reflect on the rituals and tests we’ve encountered on these various phases our journey? In thinking about this we realize that throughout our lives, someone is always observing, correcting or teaching us something—like our identity and place in the world. How do they do their assessment? From our first steps or words, education, relationships and careers, there are assigned instructors who take note of our progress in these events. Yet, eventually, there’s a time for us to personally examine what we’ve learned or gained perspective around. Join me as I warp time through the gleanings from my life‘s major phases with an essay, blog, poem or speech. Then I look at the final review of my loved ones who passed in human finality and their enduring teachings for my life’s purpose.



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