Navigating Life’s Roadways

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Deborah believes in the importance of navigating towards your defined place and purpose.  Through the circuitous events of her life she has found ways to ‘make the vision plain’ and help others do the same. In her released first book, Navigating Life’s Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey, Deborah chronicles the setbacks and successes of these circuitous events, which she now sees how they were all ordained – part of her destiny.   Readers too will be moved to make sense out of the high and low points of their journey, exploring the next level of where these experiences might lead.  Surprises await!

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Grieving the loss of her mother in March 2010 gave birth to Deborah’s dream of writing a book. From the depth of sorrows she found a wellspring of creative energy. So she tells anyone who asks about her journey to publication, that there’s no doubt God planted this book in her spirit to write. And she sees it as a gift from her mother, her heavenly co-author, who knew of her daughter’s writing goal through the years.




In her book, Navigating Life’s Roadways, as Deborah conveys the twists, roadblocks,dead-ends and fresh tracks of her journey, she invites the reader to explore lessons from their own destinations. Relationship bumps, career derailments and the personal conundrums of life that many experience, are delivered in the stories of her book in creative and helpful ways.


Reviews of Navigating Life’s Roadways

Warm, engaging and affirming

It amazes me that we think we are all different, yet our journeys have a lot in common. I enjoyed seeing the world through the lens Deb uses in her book. The famous quotes sprinkled throughout are worthy of chewing on again and again. The metaphors provided a light hearted vehicle for connecting all parts of her journey…fun stops, adventures and some really tough patches. The affirmation I felt while reading the book came from a deep resonance that in the end, we are all travelers to the same destination. Deb takes her road with grace, fortitude and her hands firmly on the wheel.


Fellow traveler

As a pancreatic cancer survivor, I felt like a fellow traveler with Deborah along life’s roadways. Her descriptions are very personal and extremely full of wisdom. I could relate to each chapter even though our life experiences are both similar and very different. I am a Japanese American woman whose life crossed paths with Deborah’s briefly but deeply. I am so glad she wrote this book that continues to inspire me whenever I need to be challenged and uplifted!


Great book!

As I read it I found myself making mental notes of things that might be helpful to me in my life. Deborah provides good tips for handling rough patches in your life, whether it’s your love life, your family life, or your work life. The trip imagery is great and the quotes that begin each section are inspirational!









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