For People of Strength, Soul, and Spirit

Seven Guidelines for Life and Career Success

This book  captures the essence of the African American story with tools for goal achievement.

What do you get here? Formatted in sections like a workbook, Parker virtually coaches you with her writing. You’ll identify your unique DNA (delivered natural ability), strengths, motivators and resources, along with essential tools that support practical life and career solutions. In this book, Parker, a cultural buff,  Army veteran, and Chief Inspirer of The DPJ Training Group, brings over  twenty years of work in career, leadership and personal development programs to skillfully make the case for balanced action in a very real and encouraging way.

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For People of Strength, Soul and Spirit: 7 Guidelines for Life & Career Success appears as recommended reading to an article posted by the sought after speaker, coach and author Valorie Burton in the March edition of Ebony Magazine. Wow what a surprise and sho nuf blessing!  See the photo attached of the page of the article and suggested reading is at the end.

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Ms. Parker does an excellent job paralleling the prior African American experience to the present via personal experiences. These experiences will motivate readers to become self-sufficient and productive as they seek methods to survive America. A must read!!

  I am constantly looking for inspiration and this book has provided just that.  I am recommedning it to my friends and family.
  This book seems like several books condensed into one. It illustrates Parker’s gift as a motivational speaker while offering practical advice to people of color dealing with issues arising in their professional and personal lives.  It’s part poetry and part instruction manual, and it’s relevant to people of all ages.  We all need to be reminded of the importance of remembering our past because it’s such an important part of who we are.  And her seven guidelines for success offer common sense suggestions that should be read once, but revisited often.


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